Get high profits in the most deprived diesel area of ​​professionals and learn how to repair modules in the best diesel module repair course. The course has an instructor with extensive experience in the field of automotive repair and electronic injection, air-conditioned training room and equipped with modern repair tools such as ECU Test Diesel Pro, BGA rework station and original Bee-Prog programmer. Classes of 8 people and certified Chiptronic, a company for more than 20 years in the market, known worldwide for its innovations in technology.



: • Emphasis on the repair of printed circuit boards, allowing the student to work with different modules; 

• Understanding how to use reading and writing equipment; 

• Complementary material with varied information of different modules, including light diesel vehicles; 

• Access to ECU REPAIR repair software (online electronic information module library).


• Basic knowledge of electronic diesel injection; 

• Basic Electronic Electronics Course of Chiptronic or certificate of electronic course; 

• Students can bring their own modules for simulations and diagnostics. 

 Duration: 32 hours. 


 1st Day: Study of the structure of an ECU, techniques to identify at any injection center the main operating blocks. Knowledge of the supply and protection circuit, input circuit and signal processing and control circuit for important actuators.

 2nd Day: Concepts of programming and exchange of injection files. How to identify various models of memories present in an ECU, as well as the choice of appropriate files and use of original programmers for insertion of files. 

Day 3: Work routines to be performed on each specific defect of an ECU. Study of scanner communication defects, sensor failure and actuator failure. Routine testing techniques that do at home situation. 

4th Day: Simulations, signal readings and diagnostics of the modules brought by the students. A module repair workshop with instructor support.

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ECU's Diesel Repairs: Understand the Module's Hardware Architecture