Chiptronic Automotive Technology

Our History​

André Miura - Diretor

André Miura - CEO

Our story begins when I was 7 years and followed my father in his work. He, a humble man, had a mechanical automotive repair shop and bodywork for over 25 years. My entry in the field of automotive electronics did out of necessity, because in our city, there was no one to work with it and then some customers appeared with problems like that. I graduated  at ETE (Technical Scholl in Ipaussu - SP) when I was 17 years and I knew from a colleague about a contest of Vehicular Safety Inspector in São Paulo, and my training and experience fit the profile. It would be a dream for a kid from the countryside coming from a humble family to become a vehicle safety inspector for the Government. I was selected for the 3rd class of the course that gave me a larger conception of the automotive branch. After this startup, I made other courses like Basic Electronics, ABS brakes, FIC electronic injection and Multipoint fuel injection, among others. When I was 19 years old I came back to Piraju-SP and asked my father R$ 1.500,00, and together with a partner, we started Injetron in a small room with capacity for only two cars. I also renovated along with a family friend to get the business that was a big challenge, but the effort was winning everything. We were well 


known although many people still doubt about our ability because we were young. I was always driven by challenges, and when a customer appeared with some unknown problems on his vehicle, it was motivating to study to get a solution to help you. It was in one of these cases that we did a first "conversion of gasoline to ethanol vehicles" and with the good result, we attracted even more customers. We found out that in Italy someone began to work with the power optimization on cars, and on my own initiative, I started daily searching deeply on the theme. Always after a long day of work, to get in touch with an Italian who worked with it and then I purchased these system, which being in another language led me to do an Italian course to understand all its information. So I was able to make vehicles to work with ethanol without changing its engine with excellent and average and performance optimization, doing only the exchange of the EPROM Memory containing data from Flash, in other words, from the famous Chip, which our name Chiptronic came from. In this way, we created a huge expertise, making workshops around the country to come to us looking for courses and technology for conversion of gasoline vehicles to ethanol vehicles. One of the most significant recognition for our company was through a story made with us by the Jornal Oficina Brazil on the subject. I feel that we were one of those responsible for taking the automakers move to bring the ‘flex’ car market to Brazil. Since then the dedication to his studies of automotive software has been constant. Subsequently we developed together with the company's own software professionals that after doing the memory reading showed us the PIN code of the immobilizer. Until today the search for the ‘new’ motivates us, and the challenge to accomplish and offer unique and innovative products are the Chiptronic fuel. So we began to develop the background everything we do today, and when I look back, I see that was first for God, and my will and dedication besides the support of everyone that has been part of our team, in addition to you dear customers, that made us to get here. I am glad to see that many have become our friends and thank you for the confidence you place in our work. Thank you very much! 

Words from the CEO

Until today, I see that we are still small and we have a lot to evolve and every day I work for this. I know how much we have to evolve and share the things we learn and that has always been something that I enjoyed to do. Automakers nowadays are retaining information from independent repairers, and that motivates me to create and open it to the repairers, as experienced to have equipment and information to work, and that is our goal every day, I see that this is what moves Chiptronic on. Because we create technology that is beneficial to society and to the environment. I have a dream in developing, something that can once again move the automakers and Governments to rethink paradigms and would force large companies to stop assaulting the environment. I will follow with this project, which I consider the greatest of challenges, and if I achieve this goal, our customers will be our allies in this great change of culture and benefits for the society. I thank especially my family, my parents, brothers, uncles and grandmother, and the employees of Injetron and Chiptronic, that are great fighters, who always supported me in everything and believe in me and in my mind. I thank my wife who from the beginning also dedicated much and believed in my plans and dreams. Finally, this is an incentive, which I let to everyone: living a simple and ruled life and, devoted to spiritual things that I consider the most important. Taking care of my family in all scopes, being a leader that goes far beyond just to "provide sustenance". In addition, if you want to build something different, innovate, invest, believe and have total dedication, energy and be very serious at work. Never get satisfied “CHALLENGE YOURSELF EVERYDAY”.