New Genius Slave is an equipment with high Italian technology, developed to optimization area and engine customization. With this equipment, the customer performs the reading of the original settings of the vehicle and sends it to the Chiptronic technicians, which will make appropriate adjustments without damaging the engine operating with high performance and economy.

This equipment is the best option for those who want to work with optimization engines or popularly known remapping. By purchasing the New Genius Slave, the customer enjoys lifetime technical support. With qualified and experienced industry professionals and he is investing in a tool, which is considered the best in the world in this area.

It has never been so easy and fast to program the engine module! All ID features, Read and Write are coordinated directly through the touchscreen device screen, thus avoiding the use of a computer for management of all operations.

The customer who buys the new Genius Slave receives a free course lasting from one day to learn how to handle the equipment and get specific guidance on how to perform the service in the best possible way. 

What does make New Genius the best equipment optimization and customization engines of the world?

  • Portable equipment;
  • Detailed and illustrated instructions;
  • No need for the vehicle is retained while the changes are prepared;
  • Regular updates;
  • Best value for money;
  • High profitability for service.


Why buy the New Genius with CHIPTRONIC?

  • Chiptronic is a worldwide company known for its innovations in the automotive industry;
  • Company with over 17 years of experience in the field;
  • Lifetime technical support and high quality;
  • Professionals trained and highly qualified to serve you;
  • Service Assurance.

What does the service provided by Chiptronic give you?

  • Security: Specific and customized changes for each vehicle, respecting the engine limits to preserve its life;
  • Reliability: Studies thoroughly made to give you the best results;
  • Agility: Service performed in about 1 hour;
  • Economy: Proven Results of fuel economy and journey time;
  • Performance: Increased torque for trucks optimizing the gear shifting and avoiding downshifting on uphill, increased productivity in agricultural machinery.

Maximum ease of use: With simple touches on the screen, it is possible to operate the systems K / L-line or CAN-bus, and even systems with J1850 protocol. A complete series of illustrated manuals to guide the operations are done reliably and securely.

Maximum reliability: before setting the vehicle, New Genius does the checksum file and verify the dimensions of being created. New Genius system has also been designed to allow recovery of serial programming mode accidentally disrupted and to support additional functions such as reset engine module errors resulting from diagnostic mode; reading and creating injector calibrations, counter reset, etc.

New Genius system is constantly updated and improved. Enabling users to meet the latest market launches.


TRUCK: Qualification for operation in trucks of several brands and models, through the diagnostic socket. (See Application Table).

LCV:  Qualification for operation in Vans of different brands and models, through the diagnostic socket. (See Application Table).

TRACTOR: Qualification for operation in agricultural tractors and machines of various brands and models, through the diagnostic socket. (See Application Table).

CAR *: Qualification for operation in cars and trucks of various brands and models, through the diagnostic socket. (See Application Table).

BIKE: Qualification for operation in motorcycle various brands and models, through the diagnostic socket. (See Application Table).

MARINE: Qualification for boats, various water motorcycle brands and models through the diagnostic socket. (See Application Table)



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