The MULTGIGA is a tool, which allows performing the communication among the components of an injection system and immobilizer systems such as: DASHBOARDS, ECU’S, IMMOBILIZER, among others.


The MULTGIGA has an OBD connector to connect to the diagnosis tool, it allows performing functions like PIN code reading, pairing of Kit’s, Reset’s, Key generation, among other functions. This process eases the work with the tool, because the procedures can be performed on the electronic bench, without needing a vehicle.


The user might follow the procedures of the diagnostic tool, because the MULTGIGA do not supply its lack; it just helps simulating the situation of the vehicle at the moment of use of the diagnosis tool.

In case you use it together with the OBDMAP, the user must pay attention to the available manuals of each system. Although the universal cables are properly identified, it is necessary to pay attention at the moment of performing the Pinout among the modules, because a wrong Pinout would bring unavoidably a bad working to the equipment, and possible damage to the interconnected components.  Procedures, which the MULTGIGA will be used successfully are those performed through the diagnosis connector of the vehicles. In transponder generation procedures, the user must be aware to the position of it according to the antenna.


- nbsp;Cables kit;

- Universal cable 1 - ECU's

- Universal cable 2 - Immob. + Dashboards 

- Cable VW Immo 1

- Cable GM Opel 2

- Cable ford pats 3

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