Equipment with innovator technology, developed to perform the tests on the working of the ECU. The ECU-TEST2 sends signals from all the sensors and receives them from the actuators, indicating if there is some fault in the system; it has a communication port with the scanner and performs the simulation of several types of ECU’s.


ACTIVATION TEST:   Injector nozzles – Ignition – Canister Valve – Main Relay – Pump Relay – Electro-Fan.

IT SIMULATES THE SENSORS – Speed (Digital) - Rotation (Digital) - MAP - TPS - Lambda – Intake Air Temperature – Coolant Temperature – Engine Oil Temperature.


-Test of MIL activation;

-Test of CODE indication;

-Test for ground or return of the internal sensors of the ECU;

-Test of activation of the electronic accelerator pedal together with the ECU;

-Test of activation of the throttle body together with the ECU;

-Test of activation of the stepper motor, idle actuator together with the ECU;

-Test of the dashboard activation of the dashboard together with the ECU, immobilizer and other systems;

-Generator of digital rotation signal, which allows including other systems;

-Simulator software update;

-Update via USB, downloading through the internet;

-Key encoding, ECU and immobilizer on electronic bench.


- Better cost x benefit of the market;

- Reduction in the check time of the vehicle faults;

- Innovation for the workshop;

- Digital speed and rotation sensors, giving more accuracy to the tests;

- Possibility of testing the activation on the electronic accelerator pedal module, throttle body, stepper motor and dashboard;

- The only which activates 8 injector nozzles;

- The only digital simulator on the Market;

- Update via USB, being quicker and more practical;

- Universal cables to connect the ECU, Stepper motor / idle actuator are included;

- Idle, electronic accelerator pedal, throttle body and dashboard;

- Cable for communication with the scanner included;

- The only which simulate the functions of ignition coil, essential to simulate in a real way the new systems.


We also offer updated technical support to our customers, to clarify their doubts and solve their problems related to the functioning of the equipment.


The ECU-TEST2 - Evolution holds dozens of injection systems allowing the module simulation, which works with rotation signals: PHONIC WHEEL, HALL and SYNCHRONIZED SIGNALS - EXCLUSIVE (Chrysler, Mercedes and Asians).



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