Electronic tool developed to test the operation of the electronic injection control unit (ECU), allowing the operation of benchtop modules as if working on the vehicle. It is an equipment capable of generating all analog input and output signals that virtually simulate the actual operation of a vehicle's engine. It has port for communication with diagnostic scanner and simulates various types of ECUs.

Ecu allows:

 • Simulate the sensors; 

• Generate PWM signal with frequency variation; 

• Make PIN OUT measurements Integrated;

 • It is possible to test sensors and actuators with indication of power;

 • Simulate the Transponder Antenna

; • Perform Multi Connectivity;

 • Simulation of light diesel modules; 

It also has:

 • Greater range of systems; 

• Robust source

 •Technical support Included Items: 

• 3 Universal Cables for connection of Ecu Motor (Direct Injection, Diesel, Conventional) 

• 1 Universal Cable Panel

 • 1 Universal Immobilizer Cable

 • 1 other Universal Cable 

• 1 OBD2 Cable 

• 1 ST10 and OBDTRONIC programmer cable (2 DB9 CABLES)

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